WordPress WordPress now has the flexibility for your Ecommerce solution.

Stratford Web Design offers installation, support and hosting for Wordpress Ecommerceinstances.

To build a successful ecommerce WordPress blog and sell product, a good shopping cart plugin is necessary. Based on what type of product you want to sell, different shopping cart plugins might suit your needs.

Stratford Web Design has

WordPress Ecommerce solutions:

Zingiri Zingiri Web Shop is a full featured software package that allows you to set up your own online webshop within minutes.

Dukapress DukaPress is a simple and free WordPress e-commerce system. It is open source. With DukaPress you can quickly and easily set up a fully featured online shop which can be used to sell digital or physical goods to customers all over the world.


WordPress Multiple currency Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

Wordpress Paypal Shopiing Cart Multi Currency The WordPress Multiple currency Simple Paypal Shopping Cart is a very easy to use plugin that allows you to sell products or services online in one click from your WordPress blog.

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