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WPF C# .NET Entity Framework Menu Builder

Using WPF, XAML and the Entity Framework, together with the .NET version of emesary provided a slick compact application. The concept was to create something to try out the various options available and to do this by modifying or creating menus, recipes and ingredients from a number of suppliers.


    Menu Builder

Tutis-ICE C++ MFC Emergency Medical Application

C++ MFC application that allows imagery and documentation uploads, multilingual support, text data editing, password protection and text data lock down. Also includes Google Health API Integration.


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    Tutis Emergency Medical Application

Online ordering web application

Built the online Tremcards web-ordering site to allow online ordering of a software application via a licencing system. Constructed using PHP, mySql and extensive use of Ajax techniques, javascript and css.



Pricing Application

C# application that imports data from spreadsheets straight into a MSSQL Database. The application allows for easy search, filtering of data and also allows for manual data entry

    Pricing Application


Waste Management System

Waste Management is a system that tracks and valuates recyclable waste products and how those recyclable products are processed. It is built up on a process management system that records in detail from start to finish a particular process of a recyclable (product) or products. A particular recyclate will be defined against type of recyclate, preparation, quality, how it has been contained, and regulations surrounding its disposal. It is then categorized in the Process management system and saved against the client.

    Waste Management


Application Construction

Contracted to take an existing two-tier application, and re-design the UI to present a more modern interface. Use of HTML for all textual presentation, C++/Builder, VCL component creation, using a C-library for the backend information provider

    Application Construction


Clustered, scalable application server

Responsible for the design and implementation of a massively scalable web application server using HTML templates, CORBA, Javascript and AJAX. Application cluster designed using CORBA and provided fault tolerance, redundancy and scalability. C++/CORBA/Javascript.

    Clustered Application


C++ Point of sale GUI (Windows)

Responsible for the creation of an application based on a working prototype, using an API for the business logic.


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