Pay Per Click advertising is an easy and affordable way to generate traffic to your site

Pay-Per Click advertising is an effective and fast method of driving traffic and leads to your business

Pay-Per-Click refers to text ads that appear in the "sponsored links" section of the Search Engines. Your text ads appear everytime a user searches for a specific keyphrase relating to your product or service offering. The benefit of this is that you are only charged once a user clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Effectively you pay only for traffic to your website

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is also completely measurable

Every PPC campaign is completely measurable. Goal tracking software is setup as part of your camapaign so you can measure the following important metrics:

  • Cost per click
  • Number of Ad Impressions
  • Number of Click throughs
  • Conversions on your website

These metrics help to measure the Return On Investment of your PPC Advertising and also greatly assists in the further optimisation of your Ads.

Conversion tracking is one one the most important processes in PPC methodology

It is the process of measuring the number of meaningful action that users make on your website. As part of any PPC campaign conversion points are setup throughout your website. A conversion might be a user filling out an online enquiry form, clicking on an email link or even purchasing a product from your website. It is important to track all of these actions as they help to measure the value of the budget you have allocated to your PPC Ads. Effectively you are able to measure how many dollars are made from each dollar you spend on PPC Ads. This further helps determine your average cost per acquisition (CPA).

Shifted Pixels recommends that all PPC campaigns run in tandem with SEO activities to ensure that both short term and longer term benefits are realised.

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