Structure your website architecture to best deliver results

Structure your website to increase conversions

Without proper thought and planning and a user centric blueprint, most websites will fail to inspire.

The role and importance of information architecture is an essential ingredient for the success of an online business. Information architecture involves the planning and engineering of:

  • Navigation as articulated in a Sitemap,
  • Hierarchy of information,
  • On page layouts,
  • Organising the content into a user centric structure,
  • Creating and plotting the user/visitor journey

Stratford Website Design have many years of experience in web design and web development which has allowed us to specialise in information architecture and in optimising the user experience of websites which coupled with online marketing can increase revenue generation or conversions of your website.

We strongly recommend thorough testing of your site's information architecture using independent usability testing experts to validate the approach taken. In order to do this, we build a fully functional website prototype from your wireframes (including dynamic navigation, sitemap etc) for use in testing. Shifted Pixels strongly recommends and uses A/B testing to refine and optimise the final sitemap so as to offer the best user experience possible.

Our information architecture expertise enables us to provide our clients with:

  • Optimised Sitemap for the website (providing a structural blueprint of the website)
  • Website wireframes (a page by page schematic for the numerous page layouts as required)
  • User flows (how users actually use and move around the site)
  • Scenario Analysis (the steps required for a user to complete a series of tasks on the website, such as purchasing a product or signing up to a newsletter)

Their is a science to successful information architecture. The diagram below very effectively communicates how information architecture works and informs much of the engaging website design and technical and or development work.

Information Architecture in Website Design

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